Forest Star Online Purchase



 Kittens available (3) from December 2021, and (3) others available March 2022


All sales are in accordance with Australian Pet Sales Regulations depending on your state in Australia.

Any purchased cats or kittens will be Vaccinated according to their age requirements and Microchipped and desexed. NON NEGOITABLE

Will come with Pedigree Papers detailing the Lineage of 4 generations.

If you are wanting to purchase breeding animal, strict policies are to be adhere to, fundamentaly you will be a Registered Breeder of Cats in a state of Australia and fully disclose any details appropriate to sale and wellfare and legal obligations pertaining to a breeding cats ownership.

If you are a overseas breeder, please contact by email for further details.

Please email and call for further explanation when appropriate.

Latest comments

19.12 | 22:48

We got our first NFC from Forestar in 2020. This gentle giant far exceeded our expectations. He has brought us much joy. We were happy to add another in 2021.

31.05 | 01:17

How do I get one

17.03 | 23:18

We couldn’t be happier with our little girl Cece!! She is so affectionate and playful - always following us around the house to see what we’re up to. Thank you!

17.01 | 17:17

We are so in love with our gorgeous little boy frank !! He is the sweetest little man !! Thank you again for our beautiful baby x

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