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The History of the Norwegian Forest Cat contains many myths and legends. The most popular story  being the Goddess Freya and her chariot being pulled by two huge Norwegian Forest Cats.
Later in history, we know the Vikings from Norway kept these beautiful Norwegian Forest Cats, which they call Skogkatts on their ships for pest control and for companionship. The cats sailed the high seas and oceans along with the Vikings.
It is also said to be a tradition back then, to give a new bride a Norwegian Forest Cat to keep rodents down on the farms.
The Norwegian Forest Cat evolved naturally in the cold adverse climates. They developed through natural selection, and only the fittest of the breed survived and today we have a natural native healthy and hardy cat. 
They developed powerful hind legs and are fine jumpers, able to climb trees, and come back down equally efficiently.
The Norwegian Forest cat's fur is unique , consisting of a woolly insulating undercoat, topped by glossy guard hairs, which provide a year round weather proof coat.
In full winter the adult coat has a impressive ruff surrounding the face and shoulders. The back hind legs also covered with long hair, giving the cat the appearance of wearing a pair of  britches.
In summer the Norwegian Forest Cat loses its undercoat and then can look totally different than in winter, its like having two different looking cats.
The ears are heavily furnished to prevent excessive heat loss and the feet are heavily tufted which provides a protective layer of fur between the paws and the cold ground and snow.
Norwegian Forest Cats come in beautiful colors from Red to White to Black or Tortiseshell and all mixtures and shades in between, they are all gorgeous.
The Norwegian Forest Cats are very people orientated and adapt easily to change.  Although Family orientated, generally they are not lap cats, but sometimes accept an individual as their special person, they will follow you everywhere and stick close to you. They can adapt to most circumstances, they have been known to sleep curled next to you, dogs and children.  Intelligent personable personalities and great fun active Cats.

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31.05 | 01:17

How do I get one

17.03 | 23:18

We couldn’t be happier with our little girl Cece!! She is so affectionate and playful - always following us around the house to see what we’re up to. Thank you!

17.01 | 17:17

We are so in love with our gorgeous little boy frank !! He is the sweetest little man !! Thank you again for our beautiful baby x

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Hi Karen my friend has referred me to your site I was just wondering if you have a Facebook page please ?

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