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Hi to all my Happy Owners and to your Happy Norwegian Forest Cat. This is an opportunity for you to share your Forest Star family experiences, moments and interesting events with friends of Forest Star. Please feel free to express and share your enjoyment of the Norwegian Forest Kitten you had to have. Tell all about the new member of your family........I would love to see a photo of your new addition, you can add to this at any time. You only have to put your name, message and a picture if you want....You are not required to fill in your email or website, this is only if you want this on your message. Many Thanks for your entries, they are very much appreiciated.

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Written by Christine on 14. Jun, 2017
My goodness, our little forest star is a bundle of light and joy! Our gorgeous tabbie girl Dorothy May (Dottie for short) is a loving, energetic and so clever. We can see why her litter nickname was Tricksy, she finds her way into anything interesting one way or another. We couldn't be more in love with her. ❤️
Written by Sue Jamieson on 23. May, 2014
Loki, brother of Nix, 4 years old and the family 'flipperty jibbit!!' Yowls around the house at exactly 4.30 pm every single day, tail flickering, looking for dinner. He is trying out for Alpha cat, no mean feat in a gaggle of 10! I think he may succeed!!
Written by Sue Jamieson on 23. May, 2014
Update on Nix (ex NT!) We have moved 10 cats to Redland Bay in Queensland and the cooler climate really agrees with our Forest cats! Still a kisser, Nix gets into bed at 7pm every night and expects one of us to join her! Now 4 years old, adored and loved by everyone who meets her!
Written by patti on 4. Jan, 2013
a quick update on bolli bollason!
he continues to grow....he is a very long legged boy now, and he gets plenty of exercise zooming around our five acres and up and down trees and over roofs with the other guys. he continues to delight us with his charming personality...friendly, confident, alert, curious. if we are in our workshop until after late, he loves to ambush us in the dark.
he is quite amenable to being groomed.
he hasn't remained such a cuddler, but thatis understandable in this hot climate....however, he is very companiable and likes to be within earshot of whatever is happening. and he loves to stretch out and watch movies with me!
all of our cats are enchanting in their various ways, and bolli has been such a fine addition to the bunch.
Written by Jen, David and Philip Cox on 25. Apr, 2012
Rocky is a bit over 6 months old and we love him to death. He is great with our six year old (Philip) over enthusiastic son, he loves being with us and is very entertaining to watch/very playful.

Rocky loves to gather up his toys and some of Philips strategically hiding them around the house. The favorite is Philips stuffed toy snake.

He has a great nature and is very handsome.
Written by patti on 29. Mar, 2012
mr bolli bollason keeps us in fits, along with our five other cats.
we have just finished a big bathroom renovation ....i had to refill the bookcase with books, which left a lot of empty cardboard boxes lying around for the evening.
WELL...bolli and the other boys thought this was the most awesome cat bouncy castle EVER, and spent the night running and jumping and ambushing in, over, around and under the boxes.
it was hysterical.

he is in great health.....a really bright, alert, friendly, funny cat.
a couple of months ago, i had to rush him to the vet.....he was distressed, breathing very quickly, and kind of hyper.
he stayed on overnight.....the vet initially thought snake bite, but couldn't find anything.
we all searched him high and low for a paralysis tick.
apparently, it was a grass seed caught in his sinuses.
this can give them a bit of trouble until it works it's way out.
the local vet office just LOVES him, they always comment on what a bright, friendly, smoochy little guy he is.
he is very long-legged and handsome and his summer coat is quite trim this far north.
if there is ever a vacancy on our cat roster, we would love to take another of karen's adorable healthy happy beautiful kittens.
Written by Vanessa on 28. Mar, 2012
Our Sashya at about 6 months. She has learned how to use the toilet since then, a very smart kitten. Her favourite treats are mango and cantaloupe. She loves to chatter at the birds in the morning, nap all afternoon and keeps herself entertained chasing twist ties and other toys. Sashya likes her routines and exploring the garage.
Written by Paula on 27. Mar, 2012
We got Saga and Cleo last year, they are 8 mths old now, big and beautiful! I'm really happy we got the two of them together, they enjoy each others company and love to run and play together. They still love their humans too, and lucky there's the five of us sharing the cuddles and kisses, they just can't get enough attention! Or food.... :-)
When it's time to play, there's nothing better than a couple of empty cardboard boxes!
Written by Paula on 27. Mar, 2012
And here's our other georgeous girl, Cleo.
Written by Paula on 27. Mar, 2012
Here's one of our beautiful Forestar girls, Saga, sitting on her favourite spot next to the kitchen bench hoping to get a treat.
Written by Brittney on 1. Dec, 2011
This is my beautiful big kitty Rafiki. This photo was taken about week after i got him, so you can see how easy it is for them to warm up to you. he is also a lot bigger now. There is never a dull moment in my house and i am never by myself. Rafiki follows me everywhere! he loves a big sleep outside in the sun, I can always expect to be greeted at the door when i get home, i sit down for .01 of a second and he's on my lap, and don't even think about going to bed without him. I love him so much and i couldn't be happier with him. I highly recommend Karen and her not so little kittens =) THANKS KAREN!!!!
Written by Kate on 23. Jun, 2011
We love our new kitty Erik, he is playful but also loves a cuddle. Such a wonderful and interesting breed. He is smart and curious, always wanting to be a part of whatever you are doing.
Written by Sarah and Tore on 30. Apr, 2011
Here is our beautiful boy Pindsvind, when he is not smothering you to death, purring like a truck or playing hide and seek, he is lazing aobut in his fav position. He is also a big heavy boy. We love him to bits...
Written by Ami on 29. Jan, 2011
Here's our not so little boy Skarsgaard, always happy to be in front of a camera! I have never known such a loving, affectionate & easy going cat before. Truly a great breed, lovingly bred by two wonderful people! At 7kgs (and still growing!), pick him up for all those cuddles is great exercise too! I highly recommend Norwegian's, and in particular Forestar to anyone wanting a true companion.
Written by Sue Jamieson on 20. Dec, 2010
......and here is Miss Nix, Snow Queen of the Northern Territory! Loves all things human (including their food, straight swipe off the plate if she can reach in time!), kisses liberally and loves her brother Loki like there is no tomorrow. We are blessed to have her in our lives

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How do I get one

17.03 | 23:18

We couldn’t be happier with our little girl Cece!! She is so affectionate and playful - always following us around the house to see what we’re up to. Thank you!

17.01 | 17:17

We are so in love with our gorgeous little boy frank !! He is the sweetest little man !! Thank you again for our beautiful baby x

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Hi Karen my friend has referred me to your site I was just wondering if you have a Facebook page please ?

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