Photos of a very special boy

Here are some photos of a very special  Norwegian Forest cat  named Wheelin. 
He was  just soo perfect, huge, handsome, extremley agile,and a fluffy coat you could just wrap yourself in.
His nature was just grand. When anyone picked him up, they wanted to take him home.
Even when we packed to go away  he would jump  into  the suitcase wanting to come with us.
He followed us around everywhere, you would turn around and there would be Wheelin.
Wheelin didn't like bees, and would come running up to us with his mouth open with a bee sting in it , he would just let us pick him up and we would flick the bee sting out, he was one of a kind
We had him for only 10 wonderful months, until he passed away, taken so suddenly, it was devastasting to us.
We dedicate this page to  the memory of Wheelin, who truly touched our hearts, as much as we loved him, he loved us back, twice as much.
Eventhough it was a short time we had with him,
we are very grateful, to have known and loved this amazing  beautiful cat. 
A truly beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat.
Here are some photos of our very special boy.

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Maysa | Reply 24.12.2013 12:40

I love it your cats are so cute!

Marie Masterson | Reply 04.09.2011 19:51

He was so beautiful, I have tears running down mt face. Marie

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31.05 | 01:17

How do I get one

17.03 | 23:18

We couldn’t be happier with our little girl Cece!! She is so affectionate and playful - always following us around the house to see what we’re up to. Thank you!

17.01 | 17:17

We are so in love with our gorgeous little boy frank !! He is the sweetest little man !! Thank you again for our beautiful baby x

07.01 | 15:10

Hi Karen my friend has referred me to your site I was just wondering if you have a Facebook page please ?

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